Games as Storytelling and Content Engines

The rise of games as content-generation platforms and gamers as storytellers.

Letter from the Guest Editors

In this first Edition of The Lydion Magazine’s deep dive into the gaming industry, we show how the creation and exchange of stories is foundational to gaming’s future.

More than any other technology, game streaming has vaulted gaming into the mainstream, facilitating happenings such as the rise of streamers as celebrities, to the launch of esports programming. These happenings prove the impact of games lives on way beyond the box.

Game streaming may be relatively new, but—like social media—it’s just a new platter on which to serve up the human need for connection. Retention occurs naturally in games, but especially when the story resonates with an audience’s identity, provides a vivid escape, or offers a sandbox for skills required in everyday life. Communities form around stories, and in the advent of massive multiplayer online games, these communities are a powerful force driving development of future/franchise titles at game studios.

But community engagement is not just a tool for collective bargaining. Open source tools, widespread modding, and the clubhouses of Discord, Twitch, and Douyu are empowering gamers to break out of the sandbox. Increasingly, erstwhile players are suiting up to generate their own unique entertainment experiences. In other words, the line between gamers and developers has blurred.

Looking ahead, we are eager to see how players, empowered by emergent technology such as digital assets, will move from story creation to a new paradigm of entertainment creation, ownership and monetization. The possibilities are endless.

Chris Ryall - Founder at Syzygy Publishing and Former Chief Creative at IDW

Jonathan Bankard - Co-founder of Popularium

Jennifer Yi - Co-founder of Popularium

Arka Ray - Managing Director of The Data Economics Company and co-founder of Popularium

Lucy Gillespie - Managing Editor, The Lydion Magazine

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