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Samira Daswani

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Samira is a healthcare strategy & design leader. As a serial entrepreneur, she has incubated and operated numerous healthcare startups. She serves as the VP of New Ventures at Initiate Studios, a healthcare company creation engine. As a product leader, Samira was at Visby Medical, as the VP of Product and launched multi-million dollar infectious disease tests.

Samira founded Manta Cares, a global community of caregivers and survivors dedicated to making the cancer experience just a little easier. Manta Cares designs and develops tangible tools and resources that enable individuals going through cancer to gain back control and peace of mind. Our flagship product - Manta Planner, has sold out of its first 4 print runs and helped over 700 patients and caregivers since its launch. Manta Cares comes from Samira’s personal experiences as a cancer survivor.

She started her career at McKinsey & Company. She has degrees from MIT, Stanford University and Wellesley College. In her spare time, she can be found sketching, writing poetry, swimming and playing with her two rescue dogs.