First public use of Enkrateia’s Lydion-powered data network benefits the Innovative Finance for National Forests grant program

Los Angeles, February 7, 2023 — The Data Economics Company (DECO) and Gordian Knot Strategies (GKS) announced the launch of the Enkrateia Climate Investment Decision Support Platform. The first public implementation of the tool supports applicants to the Innovative Finance for National Forests (IFNF) grant program co-managed by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment).

“Enkrateia’s Traro screening tool is now being used in the third round of the IFNF process and is the first public element of the full Climate Investment Decision Support Platform,” said GKS CEO Sean Penrith. “The key to evaluating, tracking and measuring a return on investment is taking in diverse types of data, including quantitative and qualitative measures, and preserving the relationships these data have to each other, and to an investor’s objectives. Decentralized digital platforms such as this will vastly incentivize and accelerate new capital into the climate solutions space. We’re looking forward to further announcements as additional elements of Enkrateia launch.”

The IFNF grant program served by Enkrateia supports the development and implementation of innovative finance models that leverage private and public capital to enhance the resilience of the National Forest System and surrounding lands and deliver commensurate returns to stakeholders.

GKS and DECO partnered with the USFS and the Endowment to support the 2023 round of the IFNF grant program, using the Traro screening tool co-developed by GKS and DECO. Free access was provided to Enkrateia’s Traro application to help IFNF grant applicants identify and receive feedback on seven critical elements needed to effectively design and implement high impact conservation finance projects.

Enkrateia and Traro run on DECO’s patented Lydion® Engine, software that facilitates the secure, private packaging, exchange, and productization of valuable data assets. Traro allows for the efficient and easy use of GKS’ Arches Framework developed in 2021 to evaluate and improve the design of conservation projects.

When all elements are included, the Enkrateia platform facilitates go-to-market plans for organizational growth, program implementation, impact fund structures, carbon acquisition portfolios, conservation financing options, and domestic and international carbon policies.

“We see data from a multitude of sources—that can be independently audited and verified—as a key component in assessing the impact of climate and conservation finance initiatives,” said DECO Chief Product Officer and Managing Director Sirtaj Brar. “We’re excited to complete the first steps toward that vision with Traro and Enkrateia, demonstrating another vertical where Lydions can support high-impact applications for climate and sustainability.”

The Lydion® Engine, developed by DECO, is an operating system for decentralized applications. It powers secure, private Lydion Data Vaults that enable people and companies to package and productize their data as valuable digital assets called Lydions. With Lydion-based platforms and applications, users can control, utilize, share, transact, and monetize their Lydions over private networks without losing ownership or control of the underlying datasets.

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