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Since 2018, the team at The Data Economics Company (DECO) has developed the Lydion® DEOS (Data Economic Operating System), a software engine used to develop distributed (i.e. decentralized) applications called Lydion® Data Economic Solutions.

Lydion® Solution applications use patent-pending “transactional proof-of-work algorithms” to address high-impact business problems in various sectors that require computations with distributed consensus: the generation of shared answers from disconnected datasets, without a central authority.

Lydion DEOS is currently optimized to create Lydion Solution applications for (1) distributed contracting, (2) distributed traceability, (3) distributed registry, query and analytics, (4) distributed learning, (5) data asset-based marketplaces, and (6) data asset-backed financial derivatives.

DECO is in various stages of co-developing 12+ Lydion Solution Platforms with enterprise and academic partners, targeting a combined market of $350B+ (>20% CAGR) across the healthcare, core industrials, climate & sustainability, agriculture, finance, entertainment, and telecom sectors.

From 2018-2020 all research, development, and deployment of the Lydion DEOS and Solutions were driven by revenues. With numerous products, research, and major partnerships ready to launch at scale, DECO’s goal is to rapidly grow its commercial lines of business around deployment of the Lydion DEOS and Solution products with its partners and customers while also cultivating a significant R&D operation around Data Economics science and the value such innovation can unlock for the future.

This page and the rest of The Lydion contain a wealth of materials that are of interest to readers looking to learn more about investment opportunities in DECO and by extension in Lydion DEOS technology, the various lines of products—or Data Economic Solutions—being developed on Lydion DEOS, and in the science of Data Economics overall.

A significant amount of the material around Lydion DEOS, Lydion DEOS-powered Solution products, and fundamental Data Economics research have sensitive aspects as they relate to intellectual property in development with enterprise and academic partners. As a consequence some of the material on this page and across The Lydion are available only to members of Lydion Insider, comprising valued partners, advisors, investors, and friends across industry, policy, academia, and civil society who are working with the DECO team to develop Data Economics as a discipline and to apply its science via real-world applications through Lydion DEOS and derived technology.



To learn more about DECO and to understand the full picture around Data Economics, the technology that enables the Lydion DEOS, we invite you to join Lydion Insider. Applying only takes a few seconds. Once approved, you’ll have access to additional restricted and sensitive details about DECO.


The DECO Investor Package provides a comprehensive overview of DECO’s work since its inception in 2018 as Lydion Research and its 10-year plan to bring the Lydion DEOS and Lydion DEOS-based Solution products, its revenue and technology propagation model, and other topics of interest to readers who want to learn about investment opportunities in DECO. Please note that the availability of most investor-specific materials is limited to Lydion Insiders. To become an Insider, please request access here.

DECO started off as a research collaboration, and has now become the leader in Data Economics science and commercialization through its Lydion Data Economic Operating System technology. Through building Data Economic Solutions on the Lydion DEOS with innovative partners across industry segments, DECO fuels the spirit of the scientific collective and translates this energy into high-impact products for enterprise, communities, and individuals.

For a deeper scientific and technical perspective on Data Economics and the Lydion DEOS, visit the Science page, which features scientific and technical papers, articles, specifications, and illustrations and is regularly updated with new research and supplementary content as it is published.

The DECO team and its industry partners are using the Lydion DEOS and DE Solutions Toolkit in the real world to address high-impact challenges across multiple sectors. Explore the Solutions in development as well as DECO’s process for prioritizing and advancing the development of new Solutions.